My paintings are a portrayal of the world of Spirit that I have come to understand as being alive, within everything in conscious waking life as well as in our dreams. My affinity for indigenous culture, spirituality and deep connection with the desert landscape are all themes reflected in my art.

Throughout my life, I have had a series of very beautiful experiences which have left me with an awareness of a reality beyond that of our everyday life, awakening within me a truth: that we are each only visitors on this earth, walking our own unique paths, and that each life holds mysteries and secrets, within which infinite possibilities are available for each of us. I began to paint these visions with the intention to manifest into my life that unspoken, yet visual, language of the soul, as a means to seek clarity and understanding of my purpose and direction in this life.

In time, I found the paintings themselves to be doorways that illuminate an energy that could induce changes within my daily experience, heart and mind as well as that of the viewer. In this sense, the paintings are also healing tools, intended to offer insight and inspiration to others.

Learning what others feel and experience as they journey through the paintings is an honour. These images have affected my life in a multitude of ways, having led me into the world of Spirit within which I have found the courage to grow and heal. My hope is that they will in turn offer the same gifts to those who share in the experience.